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Just to survive the real world on their own two feet is what any teenager hopes to achieve, and Junko is no different. But life as she would know it has come spiraling into a complete 360 when she meets Noriko. From the moment "ohayo gozaimasu, DARLING!" escapes Noriko's lips, Junko's fate is sealed and will never be the same again! Follow Junko and her mismatched "wife" as they both explore their new life style as room mates and possibly more. Shoujo-ai.

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Nov 21 2011 11:23 am

Employment Update

Well guys, time to update. Back in October, I fell in to some really good karma by donating blood for the first time ever. Within that week, two days of each other, I was hired by Kmart and Books-a-Million. It was rather exciting, and I thought I'd try my hand working both jobs so as not to waste such an opportunity.

Now that it's been a month later, I've officially ended my employment with Kmart. Many things when into that decision, but for the sake of professionalism I'll say that it was interfering too much with my job at Books-a-Million.

That being said, I am officially employed. The holiday season won't leave me with too much time, but hopefully I can start to focus again on ogD. I'd like to get back into the knack of writing the story, possibly getting thumbnails prepared for chapter 4, and ideally have chapter 3 ready for print.

Understandably, I need to focus myself on my job. But I hope to be able to come back to this comic, as its something I love.