Name: Junko Toraneko
Eighteen, and a high school dropout. She seems to be doing well, regardless, as she is living on her own. Junko primarily works as a voice actress. Although she has been featured in several minor character roles, she is now a lead voice in the anime series, After Midnight. For added income, Junko also performs as a lounge singer between several upscale hotels and gentlemen's clubs. She views Noriko as a means to help pay rent then as a wife.

Name: Noriko Nezumi
Sixteen, a Japanese woman's age for legal marriage with parental consent. Noriko has promised herself to marry the first person to verbally say they loved her. In a moment of drunkenness, it happened to be Junko. Since the moment they woke up together, Noriko has vowed to do everything she can to make Junko happy. Overall cheerful and happy, she seems to be hiding something.

Side Characters

Name: Caleb Kohitsuji
A classmate of Noriko. Courteous and kind.

Name: Chiaku Sakanako
A friend and classmate of Noriko. She helped Noriko move her belongings to Junko's apartment. Chiaku has a penchant for adorable things, and is prone to absentminded moments. She's supportive of Noriko's relationship with Junko.

Name: Chiyo Zo
A coworker and friend of Junko. Junko views Chiyo as an experienced individual in the voice acting field, and so she seems to be held with some respect. She seems to hold no qualms about believing legend, especially concerning the story of O Toyo and the vampire cat of Nabeshima.

Name: Hanako Toraneko
Junko's older sister.

Name: Jomei Aikoinu
A friend of Junko.

Name: Miharu Saruno
A friend of Noriko. One of the friends to help Noriko move her belongings to Junko's apartment. She's very opinionated, and openly displays her dislike of Junko. Protective to a fault, she's opposed to Noriko's marriage.

Name: Noriko's Father
Rumored to have cancer, though this was an ill conceived trick by Noriko to weasel her way into Junko's good graces.

Name: Noriko's Mother
Openly accepting and still quite in love with her husband. She insists Junko call her mom. Currently she is pregnant with her second child.

Mysterious Characters

Name: Gale Bones
An FBI agent from the US, and partner to Agent Moldy. Along with Agent Moldy, she has come to investigate the circumstances behind the mysterious two-tailed cat.

Name: Botan
The two-tailed cat that seems to have been causing several attacks among the city. Has the ability to change her appearance to that of those she's attacked. Can also change her size and shape from that of a large cat to a common house cat. Has been called O Toyo based upon a legend with a similar beast, yet, whether she is O Toyo is yet to be learned. Currently she is residing with Junko and Noriko. Noriko has named her Botan.

Name: Man
A mysterious man floating around the city. He seems to have his eye on Noriko. Likewise, Noriko seems to have a health fear of him. His reasons for hunting down Noriko are unknown.

Name: Wolfgang Moldy
An FBI agent from the US, and partner to Agent Bones. Along with Agent Bones, he has come to investigate the circumstances behind the mysterious two-tailed cat.

Name: Woman
Paid Miharu a hundred dollars to give Junko and Noriko her "cat," none other than Botan. What are her reasons, and what is she up to?