Jan 19 2011 10:48 am

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Jan 19 2011 09:59 am

Hi guys, I thought I'd use this piece of art as a means to update readers as to current status of chapter 4's planning.

Chapter 4 basic scripting is done. Nothing concrete in terms of actual dialogue, but the direction of the chapter is hammered out. Technically, at this point I should've had thumbnails and dialogue done, and should be focusing on any new character designs/research/clothing designs that need to be done.

The reason I am behind is because in October I began a room purging project. Basically I seriously went through everything and pitched/donated/gave away items I no longer needer. The actual project took longer then expected, and in ways is still on going. However, the bulk of it is done more or less.

The other reason I am behind, is in addition to hammering out details with chapter 4, I'm trying to go through and really work out the kinks to the whole story. I'm finding that it must be done in one way or another, as I seem to fail at producing a story that is easy for the average reader to understand.

With any luck, if I continue on this path to get into things and fix them, I may be able to update the comic most of the year versus only during the summer.

What do you guys think?
Should I continue to work on the whole story in it's entirety and THEN start posting new pages, even if it means a really late start this summer/fall?

Or, should I put a halt on going through the whole story, refine what needs to be done on chapter 4, and once all the prep work for that is done, go back through the story and fix it then?

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User's Comments:
Rumiel, Jan 19 2011 08:39 pm

Looking forward to updates. I got a whole chapter and a half of updates after leaving for a year. XP Nicely done.

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