Jun 18 2007 01:30 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Jun 17 2007 11:15 am

Ok, to explain Noriko's "trap." Most everyone I've known who's read through that part has gotten confused, even though I thought it was clear. So, for clarities sake:

Noriko's father *is not* terminally ill. He is not taking chemo. Noriko had scribbled false chemo appointments in the hopes that Junko would stumble upon them, therefore making Junko more likely to keep Noriko around.

Looking back on it, I could've planned it better, made it flow smoother. But it serves it's purpose, and it's a trivial matter at best right now. Junko has too much of a bleeding heart XD

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User's Comments:
shikomekidomi (Guest), May 24 2011 05:37 am

Of course, my previous statement doesn't explain it being spelled "kemo" in Junko's thoughts here.

But, on the plus side, hopefully it will make you feel better to know I was able to figure out what was going on here.
And seeing her asking herself what her mom would do is a nice piece of character development for Junko.

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