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Oct 04 2007 08:03 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Oct 04 2007 08:04 pm

Anybody else equally amused by anime/manga with conviently placed limbs?

And Junko stands to be corrected :3 Noriko's only naked under that pesky apron~ Nothing like trying to entice one's wife with a bear bottom, hah hah. Nice try, Nori-chan <3 You'll get your honeymoon eventually.

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User's Comments:
Manami, Oct 04 2007 08:21 pm

XD i want to see honey moon <3
:3 love this webcomic! good art too! <3

Neki_Chan, Oct 04 2007 08:42 pm

She's nuuuuudddeeee! lol

Lashana, Nov 15 2007 09:40 pm

I absolutely love that second panel, and the last one. Yeah... I used very conveiently placed mist in one of my comics. :P

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