Dec 31 2007 04:59 pm

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vampirecheetah, Dec 31 2007 05:00 pm

I feel so bad that this took so long to put out. But work has to come first, unfortunately, and with the holiday months I had no choice. This was actually planned to be finished before Christmas, but the 2 days I'd planned to finish the page up resulted in my battle with a nasty flu bug. I'll spare you the gruesome details :3

Then there was the scanner issue. After trying several things to fix it, I ended up just buying a new scanner. I've actually been planning on it the past few months, but now I just had an excuse to do so.

With that said, I'm really happy over all with this page. Some things bother me (Junko in the second panel looks incredibly disjointed). But as a whole I don't think it looks too bad. I'm very excited to finally draw Chiyo :3 She'll be such a challenge for me to try and keep her as elegant as I envision her. She is a larger woman, so if you guys don't like that, well poo on you

Anyways, Happy New Year peeps!
Remember: Fanart Contest Deadling is Jan 7th!! Give me entries~~~

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Manami, Jan 01 2008 12:43 pm

Happy New years! <3

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