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Jun 23 2009 11:00 pm

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vampirecheetah, Jun 23 2009 07:44 pm

Sick of Crap
I don't get too many commissions, so when they come my way I have to accept them for the little extra income they give. I've taken on 2 commissions, so as I am being paid, they take priority. This means that pages won't be updated until after the work is done.

If there's anyone who wants to send filler, I'll gladly post it! As well as linkage to your comic/art site/whatever you want promoted :)Send things to vampire_cheetah at

Wanted to get this done sooner, but last week wasn't a good week. Originally this page was drawn and inked on be honest, it was piss-poor work. I can't say this page is the best thing since sliced bread, but it is a vast improvement from the other version. And yes, Botan's hand is crap. Do I care at this point? Nope.

Things have happened recently that have really emphasized my lack of privacy on the family computer, as well as some of the integrity of my family members. Due to this, I've been weighing whether or not I should invest in a laptop so that I can work more in my room. It's something I have considered for a while, but because of last week, I'm giving it much more thought than I previously had.

Does anyone have a laptop? If so, what kind? Do you like it? What are the features about it you like/hate? At this point I'm just researching, so any honest information would be really helpful!
Re Vervain: Well, when you have to take on the appearence of someone who does sparkle, it'd probably be beneficial to sparkle as well XD And I love to make them sparkly~

Re alain1609: Me too X3 heh heh. Especially during the holiday season~

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alain1609, Jun 23 2009 11:10 pm


Vervain, Jun 24 2009 08:53 pm

Laptop yes!
Ooh filler, I'll see about some fanart.

I work soley on my laptop. It's um... an Optima. It's black and silver and goes with my desk. I think they're fantastic things, because you can just.. port them around everywhere. The last two I've had have died within the year I've owned them... But they were second hand, I suppose. I'd reccommend getting one if privacy is an issue, it isn't for me since I'm the only one here who uses a computer.

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