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Jul 30 2009 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Jul 30 2009 03:19 pm

Ughn...I hate it when I loose all my comments...Ok, Reader's Digest Version:

My sister's has been driving me crazy the past month. Help. XD Productivity is slow as a result as temper is on short fuse because of said sister. Bad temper=shotty pages, which is not good. So, taking extra time to make them not crap.

Sold some issues, thank you to buyers :) Remember to click the support link up there if you're curious~ Also pointing you guys to Amiko and When She Was Bad. She's currently in the process of doing a first issue print, if I read right, so go check her out for that~

Going to get my eyes checked. See if I need glasses.

Doing other art, and picked up another commission.
Re SapphireSophilia: I was wonder how the Botan subplot would be received by readers considering this is a girl love story. Glad to know it doesn't seem to be frowned on :)

Re Vervain: *open mouth insert foot* Hah hah, well that's karma coming back to bite me. I teased *harmlessly of course* a teenage who mistook me for a boy for several weeks now. Well, that was amusing XD

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User's Comments:
Vervain, Jul 31 2009 12:33 am

Karma, eh?
I... Have to admit, I do that too to a lot of people. It's fun. But so far, karma seems to have forgotten me.

You should take your sister back to the shop, she's clearly malfunctioning.

Yey printed issues! *Goes to support pages* Also, I think I stopped by When S

Junko looks as sicky as I feel...

Vervain, Jul 31 2009 12:34 am

I can't believe it, I sneezed so hard I hit the enter button. x x

As I was TRYING to say, I think I visited When She Was Bad at one point, and will have to go and look again.

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