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Aug 21 2009 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Aug 21 2009 02:30 pm

TaQ">An introduction to me on youtubes

Okayu and Shoga-yu: hot ginger drink and rice poridge. Both are traditional home remedies to colds. In the case of the rice poridge, Noriko made it very plain--no additional seasonings like meat or umiboshi or green onions.

Glad to have a page done. Noriko's the kinda girl who wants to settles down and raise a family. She hasn't given much thought to any other life aside that.

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User's Comments:
Vervain, Aug 22 2009 05:18 am

Your sheets are falling apart! ; ; You'll have to sleep on the flooooooooor. Actually, that's pretty funneh, tee hee.

Also, let's see. Fourty by twelve is... Okay, this is why I shouldn't have dropped math. 480 pages. That's enough for three volumes @ @ But yey, more story for us all~ And you've already got, what... ...

-checks- 107 pages! ALMOST THERE! : D

Ew... Ginger... I hate ginger. I'm not big on plain boring rice porriage either. I don't think I'd enjoy being mothered by her. But.. She isn't going to be able to has behbees with Junko... ..Unless there's something we don't know.

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