ch3 pg 27

Jul 10 2010 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Jul 09 2010 09:39 am

Thanks all for being patient while I spent the past weeks preparing for my Driver's test.

I finally managed to get some work done, so it was safe to post a new page. With Noriko now worrying about Botan, it was time to see what she was up to :)

I also have a video up with the text/bubble work for this page here: Click me!

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User's Comments:
Vervain, Jul 11 2010 06:31 am

Arh. But will Botan be able to control herself @ @ She appeared hungry. I have a bad feeling about this~. Watching the video now by the way. You sure made this page a long time ago~.Diligentness~.

Firan25, Jul 11 2010 07:54 pm

uh oh this can't be good...

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