ch3 pg30

Jul 31 2010 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Jul 27 2010 09:34 pm

Oh dear, hah hah. Our poor unsuspecting victim, Caleb. I have to ask if anyone saw this coming?

I must also confess something X3 I've been unofficially refering to this chapter as "Botan gets all the action."

12ish pages left of the chapter.

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vampirecheetah, Jul 27 2010 09:40 pm

Vervain: I agree, Ms. Setsuna Oposamu is quite a lovely lady. She's pretty fun to draw too, so we'll see how long she sticks around.

Firan25: Hah hah, at least in manga, right? Or it ends up one of those "I rape you because I love you" situations, lol.

User's Comments:
Vervain, Aug 01 2010 02:32 am

It's those glasses and that hair. She's divine~.

I did not see this coming. And she looks cute in that third panel~.

Firan25, Aug 01 2010 05:52 am

i guess...although those situations are quite...undesirable.

awww...lucky bastard...>.<

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