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Aug 07 2010 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Aug 06 2010 08:50 pm

>< My Uncle is in the hospital, its been almost a full week. We'll see how my moral keeps up.

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vampirecheetah, Aug 06 2010 08:52 pm

Vervain: heh heh and here I was thinking this was so obvious XD.

Firan25: Yes, Caleb's lucky. Oblivious, but lucky XD

User's Comments:
Firan25, Aug 08 2010 05:15 am

Caleb: Nezumi-san! t-this is the girls restroom!

Nezumi(?): :throws caleb like a ragdoll and starts to molest him:

Caleb: HELP ME!

Nezumi(?): :in a cervantes-esque voice: STOP STRUGGLING!

CALEB: eep!

:20 hours later:

Nezumi(?): :still using a cervantes-esque voice: Now...your a part of me...

Sorry if this was random but this is what came to my mind XD

Vervain, Aug 11 2010 08:06 pm


Despite the more obvious reasons, I'm wondering what's going to happen here... I mean, it can't end well, can it?

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