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Aug 21 2010 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Aug 21 2010 06:56 pm

I want to point everyone's attention to this thread of mine on the SJ's forum:
I'm having a lot of problems with inking pens (it's been going on about a year) so if anyone has input I'd appreciate it.

As for the page, I'm rather glad to finally do this one, particularly because the thought of Noriko's mother scolding Junko tickles me.

I also need to apologize for such a lack of transition, or explanation as to how Noriko's mother got here aside Junko saying "Noriko-chan sent you." It's things like these that remind me I need to become better at writing, scripting, and planning these things. I assume that these things I find are little details that everyone just picks up on/assumes...but they aren't. And these "gaps" of information confuse people. So Sorry about that.

On that note, I had to add an additional page to my planed chapter in order to make the very last page a little more clear and hopefully easier to grasp. So yeah, I'll shut up now.

Go read my post on the forum and help me damnit XD

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User's Comments:
Vervain, Aug 23 2010 06:40 pm

Unfortunately I've got no idea about the pens. Were it me, I'd throw them out and get another brand out of frustration. ;sticks to digital;

Don't worry about the sudden transition, because of the nature that webcomics are uploaded in, it didn't read so suddenly to me. It might be a bit more sudden in print format, of course.. But you could break it up by a filler page~.

I entirely agree that she should have gone to a doctor. < > hopefully that will help...

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