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Sep 25 2010 11:00 pm

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Author's Comments:
vampirecheetah, Sep 21 2010 02:02 pm

I have to wonder what Caleb must have been thinking when he noticed there was two of Noriko. Apparently when Noriko thought to stop Botan from any indescressions, she hadn't thought through would would happen when others saw them together.

Botan didn't have this problem XD

Also, as a cultural note, the "name thing." Botan is pretending to be this "imaginary" twin, seperated at birth. This in mind, her "last name" would not be Nezumi. Caleb could either be asking for a first or last name, regardless, Botan responds with her first name.

What does this mean? Basically if you wanted to feel or be closer to someone, you would call them by their first name. Otherwise, a last name is generally used in this situation. I'm certain after their little bathroom fiasco, that both Caleb and Botan may find it acceptable to use a first name here.

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vampirecheetah, Sep 21 2010 02:08 pm

Firan: Thanks :) Art improvement is a funny thing, it's nice to see the difference.

As for redoing pages, at the moment, I'm saying no. There are reasons behind this. Realistically, if something is printed and out in stores, comic artists won't have the luxury to go back and redo things. I feel that if I were to go back, I may add in extra elements that could confuse the story all the more. After all, still trying to make up for the bad writting to begin with.

The second reason I'm saying no, is just the shear time it would take me to redo those pages. At this rate, I average a 40pg chapter every two years, which is absolutely horrible. Ultimately, that's two years that I could be spending continuing with the story, giving you guys new content to read.

User's Comments:
Firan25, Sep 26 2010 02:55 pm

Botan is a clever kitty it seems XD

@VC-chan ah ok I was just wondering because authors usually go back and redo the chapters that had the "old" art style. But I do agree it is quite time consuming XD.

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