Sep 09 2011 02:45 pm

Life Update

Alright guys. Time for a life update. I've actually been putting this journal off since July. Seeing as certain events have finalized (I'll explain more in a sec) that there is no point in putting this off longer.

A lot of you have probably been wondering as to my lack of comic activity this summer. My long time watchers know I work on my comic, ogD!, during the summer months as I have more time off work to do so. To be honest, I have been working on ogD, at least before and during the first half of the spring/summer work drought. That work was focused on writing out the story. I have hopes to try and write it all out so that all the little details can get hammered out. It's no secret that a lot of readers have explicitly told me that they don't understand anything that's happening, and I think that lies in my fault as a storyteller.

Another reason I wanted to write it all out, was so that I had scripts to work off of any time of the year, so I could continue to update pages into busy holiday season and what not.

However, and more importantly, something happened late July that had put work on that on hold. For those who do not follow any kind of news, back in July, Borders as a company officially closed down, leaving some 200 stores to go through a liquidation process. My local Waldenbooks (a part of the Borders company, thus affected by the closings as well) closed it's doors today at 2 PM. The store was a part of the community since 1988, and has always been my bookstore. I grew up in it's walls and the books purchased there. I have also been working there the past five years. Today was my last day of employment. September 27th would have marked the completion my sixth year.

When news broke of the closing in July, I stopped working on art, comics, and script writing to focus on the remaining days of my job. I've been incredibly busy the past month and a half dealing with some of the most infuriating people I have ever known. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people are. That isn't to say all of my customers were bad. I thank all the ones who have expressed the staff well wishes, and even brought us baked goods or left surprise treats. Those customers were truly awesome.

I wish our original liquidator rep, Ed, the best of luck. He made the initial experience as calm as possible considering, and left us to do our jobs without getting in the way. As for Ed's replacement...I hope I never see him again. The fact he retains any job of any level is beyond my level of comprehension.

Waldenbooks will always have a fond place in my heart. I have told many people over the years that I've been fortunate to have the job I had. I loved going to work. I enjoyed my coworkers, people who have become very dear friends to me. I've been blessed to have one of the coolest managers ever. I've told so many that I've been spoiled at my time at Walden's, because any job from here on I will always compare to it. True, its like any other retail environment, there will always be cons. But I did love it. It's been years since I've seen a raise, overtime, or holiday pay. One would have to love the job and the crap we've put up with to stay there for so long.

Moving forward, I'm not sure what the future holds. I should try to file unemployment, I suppose. I thankfully live with my mother, and know that I have her support. I've already done a little job hunting starting back in August. I'm hoping that possibly I can get hired into the library system, as my experiences in the bookstore may lend itself towards that job. And there is always art, my commission status has been open since July. Will I spend my free time working on ogD? Perhaps, perhaps not. It is a love that isn't earning any kind of money, and it also seems selfish of me to live off my mother and just waste my time doing comics if it can't contribute towards living.

I'd love to continue art in general, however, at least to keep me in shape that way.

There is, of course, a possibility that I (along with my coworkers) will be hired into a Books-a-Million that may be moving into our store unit. I've heard a lot of contradicting statements concerning the matter over the past month, that I'm uncertain what to believe anymore regarding it. I guess, we'll see what happens.

Ultimately as this chapter of my life closes, I do find myself looking forward to the rest of the month. In a little under two weeks, I'll be graced by the wonderful presence of the lovely MustBeJewel, and we'll have some fun times together.

So that's what's going on guys.

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