Nov 11 2007 09:07 pm

Holidays--Slow Update

Tis the holiday season, and I work retail. This means I've an increase in work hours. I also pride myself in being the "go to" person to call when hours need to be picked up/shifts filled on short notice/etc. So, as much as I love comics, I need to place my job first at the moment because of this equation:

$750.00 crowning + Exam Expences + Xmas + Winter Semester of school= needy Alley Cat.

<_< I'm putting of the crowning, btw. Dentists=3V1L!!!

Anyway, this is a basic note to state updates will be slow, if it hasn't been noticed all ready.

I am also selling prints made from Xcape con of issue 1 for $3.00 each, anyone interested just drop me a line.

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