Nov 17 2008 02:00 pm


I'm sorry to everyone who's really waiting for me to just post something. I've mentioned it before, but here it goes again. I work retail and I am a college student. During the holidays I generally tend to pick up more hours at work, and the classes I need are only really offered between the fall and winter. Long story short: I have no time. So, everybody waiting for Griffin's Heart pgs, it'll be a while. Same thing for ohayo gozaimasu, DARLING! It honestly can't be helped. I see free time opening up sometime after May and the Maryland MLP Meet. We'll see.

The worst part of it is, the holiday rush hasn't truly hit yet. Black Friday is slowly creeping up.

And I fear it.

If you have never worked in a retail environment, I beg of you to think smart this year for your holiday shopping. Know what you're looking for before you get into the store. So much time and effort on both yourself and any employee trying to help you is spared, and you make that employee's day less of a hell to deal with. Don't call stores after store hours...employees are trying to get home after what may be a hellish day. And, if you need to order product from a store, make sure you are aware of the cut off date they may have to ensure your product gets in before christmas. It's a waste of time trying to locate the product you need if you know it won't be in on time for Christmas. That energy can be spent helping other customers.

That aside, I won't be attending Xcape Con this year. Financially, it isn't possible. There are other factors involved, yes, but primarily finances. I've got a 900 dollar bill due to my college on the 9th, and that's before the cost of supplies for my classes. So yeah... Maybe next year.

If anyone does need to get a hold of me, I try to pop on DA to check any messages and my email every few days. I might not get back to you right away, but I do read everything.

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