Apr 13 2009 07:36 pm

School's almost out

Hey to any new yuri/shoujo-ai fans, and a hello to the old faces!

It's the last 3 weeks of semester for me. The good news is, I will be graduating May 1st. May 1st is also the end of semester too. Normally, I'd say I'm going to jump back into things right away. Right now, a tentative plan looks like end of May, beginning of June is when I'll begin ogD! pages again.

The reason why is because I quite honestly need a mental break. I've been going non-stop since the fall, and this semester I'm taking a full load. I seriously underestimated the kind of strain 12 credit hours has placed on me. And kudos to everyone who can take more than that and work as well. You have my utmost respect.

In lighter news, the last news post I mentioned my financial issues on paying for my winter classes. I managed to get a scholarship which paid for my semester. Unfortunately, the refund I got back pretty much went back into art supplies. Oh well.

Currently, the plan is this guys. In May, I think I'd like to tweak out the layout here. In June, I'd like to start posting pages again. The 3rd chapter is planned out, so I'm hoping to churn things out easily enough. Thanks guys for being so patient during my "off" season.

For those who have been curious as to my art on goings during school, feel free to hop on over to my DA page: http://vampirecheetah.deviantart.com

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